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PedestalOur tooling and production teams are always thinking creatively to come up with new methods for form liner production and new form liner applications to meet the demands of today’s challenging projects.  Learning how to create a custom pedestal for a lamp post on a freeway was no exception.

We just finished working with CC Myers on the I-5 Carmenita project that required us to think a little outside the box to come up with a large custom pedestal/corbel. We’ve made longer, and we’ve made higher panels before, but manufacturing parts that were both cumbersome in the height and length as well as the depth was a fun challenge. The liner is about 4′ long x 4′ high, and a little over 2′ wide! Coming up with a form liner solution for the corbel was key because it was a cost savings for CC Myers. Manufacturing the lamp post pedestal using an urethane form liner tool saved the contractor having to waste a couple of weeks trying to use carpentry to fabricate the tool. Additionally, the urethane liner can be used over and over again for additional cost savings.

Have something custom or a little funky you need help designing or building for your project? Give us a call, we’re happy to help!

Spec Formliners, Inc. will be going to the APC Fall Seminar November 16th-18th. We hope to see you there!  You can visit us at booth 36 to speak with Carey Cornwell and pick up some literature and information.


As a leading nationwide concrete form liner manufacturer, Spec Formliners has kept busy in 2011 working on projects, like the 9th and 10th Street Bridges in Lebanon, in your backyard.  The project, which is mid-construction, will require 70,000+ square feet of architectural treatment.

We are also looking forward to teaming up with Doka on the upcoming I-95 project with James J. Anderson. This is a complex job requiring custom bubble and wave panels as well as a few of our standards.

Be sure to ask us about the local projects we have worked on and how to specify form liner in your upcoming projects.

Our pattern 1587 California Drystack was used on a project in Lakehead, CA, Antlers Underpass. This pattern is comprised of two matching tools, A and B, that can be rotated, flipped, and stacked with one another to allow for maximum utility on a project.

Our Elastospec Lite, semi-elastomeric material, was used on this project. The versatile material was tooled in 4×8 sheets that were used flawlessly to wrap around a wall corner.

A barrier wall in New York was designed with artistic images accompanied by African phrases. We had the honor of producing these parts.

Our engineer, Drew Deering, was actively involved in the design elements of the form liner, particularly the letter panels, working diligently both with the distributor as well as the architect to achieve workable solutions.

The 62″ x 42″ art panels manufactured out of solid urethane backed to plywood perfectly cast the intricate images and lettering.

Our 1972 Palm Frond pattern was modified to be used on columns in Florida. This pattern has a max depth of 1″ and the standard base pattern is 59″ x 59″.

Granite Construction used our 1107 Mission Flute pattern on a CalTrans project in Humboldt County. Fabricated from our ElastoSpec Lite, the form liner was used on columns and wingwalls.

The ElastoSpec Lite material was able to be manufactured in custom sized panels to minimize seams and cutting in the field. Utilizing our ElastoSpec Lite allowed the contractor to meet specifications for Semi-Elastomeric Material, and have a workable material for the field that would allow custom sizes, easy instillation, and easy trimming/cutting, rather than using solid urethane backed to plywood.

Even though our 1505 ABS Plastic Madera Flagstone form liner has hand crafted matched points, the contractor did a perfect job of liner installation and caulking prior to casting this nearly flawless set of walls.

We were asked to create this large custom part using our Grave Stake pattern for a project in Canada. This fast-paced project was needed to repair a damaged bridge. We were able to manufacture the 26′ x 11′ tool and multiple full sized panels in under 30 days.

At 26’x11′, this project was a challenge. But we were able to create seamless and shippable panel by producing the part unbonded.

A reoccurring challenge that our production and tooling department faces is shipping. To create a solution for this project, we rolled the unbonded urethane into a nice shippable package. In situations where unbonded just isn’t an option, our clever production team often creates a frame for the liner to be placed on at an angle so slightly oversized panels can still be shipped without paying oversized penalties.

Our brick pattern 1323 is a great addition to our pattern line up. This realistic looking liner not only perfectly represents real wire cut brick, but it also can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of real masonry and can be simply and efficiently integrated into your tilt-up, cast-in-place, and precast projects.


Since 1996, Spec has been proud to build strong relationships with its distributors. When working with Spec Formliners, you can expect professional attention to detail, competitive pricing, and a trustworthy business partner. We value our distributors and know that they represent our eyes and ears in the field.

Spec Formliners, Inc,. is making it easier than ever to distribute our form liners. With a continually expanding product line including new patterns, new materials, and now, even a new form release, you can always count on Spec to set the industry standards and keep you up-to-date on the best products to offer your customers.

Because most orders with Spec are made-to-order, Spec Formliners offers direct shipping to your customer letting you avoid handling the material at your location or stocking material. However, if stocking standard and highly-requested patterns is what your going for, we can do that, too — and often at a discounted rate!