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Custom Patterns

A barrier wall in New York was designed with artistic images accompanied by African phrases. We had the honor of producing these parts.

Our engineer, Drew Deering, was actively involved in the design elements of the form liner, particularly the letter panels, working diligently both with the distributor as well as the architect to achieve workable solutions.

The 62″ x 42″ art panels manufactured out of solid urethane backed to plywood perfectly cast the intricate images and lettering.

Our 1972 Palm Frond pattern was modified to be used on columns in Florida. This pattern has a max depth of 1″ and the standard base pattern is 59″ x 59″.

We were asked to create this large custom part using our Grave Stake pattern for a project in Canada. This fast-paced project was needed to repair a damaged bridge. We were able to manufacture the 26′ x 11′ tool and multiple full sized panels in under 30 days.

At 26’x11′, this project was a challenge. But we were able to create seamless and shippable panel by producing the part unbonded.

A reoccurring challenge that our production and tooling department faces is shipping. To create a solution for this project, we rolled the unbonded urethane into a nice shippable package. In situations where unbonded just isn’t an option, our clever production team often creates a frame for the liner to be placed on at an angle so slightly oversized panels can still be shipped without paying oversized penalties.

One of Spec Formliners’ specialties lies in the art of custom sign and letter making.

Letters and signs are a common artistic flare on many DOT, local, and even commercial projects. One of the main benefits to using form liner to create this look is that it allows us to detail the tool so that it can be easily dropped into and cast in a form. No dealing with numerous Styrofoam pieces, no aligning and centering in the form, and if you want, no dealing with individual letters.

Additionally, like the Lake Elsinore sign below, one of the advantages of making a sign as a liner is that the lettering can be cut through a texture pattern. Using this technique, letter panels can blend in with the wall pattern texture which gives the sign the striking look of a watermark in concrete.

Spec Formliners, Inc., likes to make sign-making easy.

Recently, we were asked to create a custom palm tree design for the Palmetto Expressway in Florida. The project awarded us the opportunity to implement some new tool making strategies that will increase our range of production capabilities for future projects.

We were able to use our CNC machine to rapidly create templates from customer drawings. Further, because the liner needed to match up to an existing wall, we were able to expertly match photos from the customer and tool our piece to be a direct match to the pre-existing architecture.

Because the extra large panel was designed to minimize seams in the wall, we had to get innovative with our shipping methods as well. To save the customer costly oversized permit fees on a flatbed, our production staff created a triangular brace that allowed us to tilt the panel onto a standard 8′ wide truck. This oversized 120″ x 112″ panel was a challenge from start to finish that allowed both our engineers and production crew to push boundaries and think on their feet!

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