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Spec Formliners, Inc., like many other companies, has a growing concern for the environment and its resources. To do our part, we re-grind all unused plastic at our factory and send it back to the plastic manufacturer to be recycled into new sheets. In turn, the plastic sheets that we purchase from our supplier are composed of the recycled and re-ground plastic that we’ve kept out of our nation’s landfills. There’s a good chance that the material in the form liner you’re using on your projects has been around the block a few times before!

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At Spec Formliners, our engineers are constantly being challenged with the task of designing very custom, and some times, very unusual pieces. One of our most recent custom projects was The Pedestal, also affectionately referred to as “that HUGE part!”

When asked to build a giant pedestal for light posts in San Diego County, our engineers boldly stepped up to the challenge. This 6.5′ long, 3.5′ tall, and 4′ wide part required our engineers and production manager to collaborate in order to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to produce the product. The end result, was a functional piece of art.


New to the Spec Formliners’ line up is Semi-Elastomeric material, or ElastoSpec Lite. This innovative material bridges the gap between plastic and solid urethane. Meeting state DOT specifications for Elastomeric material, ElastoSpec Lite is a cost effective alternative for solid urethane.

Weighing in on the scales much less than solid urethane, this revolutionary material will save on both production costs as well as freight; the end product is light enough to be lifted by a single person.

This universally utilitarian liner is perfect for both custom sized panels, standard sized panels, and projects that require up to 40-50 re-uses.

nullSpec form liners are designed to work with nearly every forming system and for a variety of applications. Our material options make it easy for Spec’s liners to be adapted to every project.

Deciding on a Material

The form liner application is most important in determining which material will work best for you. Of our two plastic liner options, the multi-use material is best for Cast-In-Place projects, or projects where the liner can be reused multiple times with little cutting, whereas the single-use plastic is best for Tilt-up projects or projects that require no re-use and a lot of cutting. Our urethane is ideal for precast projects, heavy highway projects, and projects that require custom sized or large panels. Additionally, we are now featuring our Semi-Elastomeric material which is perfect for custom shapes and sizes that need fewer re-uses than the urethane would provide.

For more information on the application process:
Plastic (PDF)
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